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Upcoming FurNight Changes And Hiatus


Hello FNATX!

This past weekend we wrapped up the 5th FurNight, and boy was it fun!

We can’t tell each and everyone of you how much we love doing this show for you.  It’s a show that is by us, for us, and we get excited each time it comes around.

However, we ran into some complications with the venue this past weekend, and those complications have given us a bit of pause.  We want to put together the best show, the best music, and make it the best (and right now only) furry dance event in the state of Texas.

But, we are coming to find that wiggling ourselves into another space that we don’t have control over can be…problematic.  And while there was nothing that caused any harm, there were things that made it difficult for us to continue where we are.

And so, the event organizers have decided that we will be taking a short hiatus while we work on new and even better ideas for the future of FurNight.

This means that we will not have a FurNight in June or July, but we do hope to return bigger and better in August.

We’re currently working on details and hope to have more information for you all soon.

So, stay cool as the summer comes along and keep an eye out for FurNight: ReImagined (ok, I’m the only one calling it that) and we will see you all VERY VERY soon!

Also, don’t forget Furry Siesta is coming up in July!  Come say hello!




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