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Post FurNight Post With Next Event Date!

Hello everyone!

Here is the post FurNight post we’ve all been waiting for.

Haven and Edgewise met up to discuss the feedback received and compare notes on the event in order to assess both the successes and not so great moments of the very first FurNightATX.

Here’s what we came up with:

The Good:

  1. Attendance was amazing.  A (very) rough count put us at around 100 (give or take, we didn’t have a system in place to accurately count) attendees for the event.  Almost 25 of those were fursuits.  This is a great number for a first time event and we couldn’t have been more thrilled.
  2. The venue and regular patrons genuinely enjoyed having us and have invited us back for regular events.
  3. We raised $300 for Austin Pets Alive!
  4. Music from both DJs was well received by us and we can’t thank Edgewise and Darroh enough for their hard work! There is more on this in The Bad section however.
  5. Bosgo did an amazing job performing!  Thank you Bosgo!
  6. We are having another, and another, and another…  Our next event is February 27th.  After this date, we will permanently move to every 3rd Saturday of the month!


(Placeholder announcement image)

The Bad:

You can’t have an event/production of this size without a few hiccups.  So we want to address some of those hiccups here.

  1. Haven was hard to hear at the opening segment of the night.  This was Haven’s first time attempting to use a microphone while in suit.  While it may have looked ok, it was not easy to understand him.  A lot of important things were missed because of this.  Things like:  Suiters and handlers only in the headless area, not using the curtain for access (we are asking people to go around the outside area so as to not walk through the stage and potentially expose those changing to the entire dance floor).  How to donate and buy raffle tickets, and various other needed info.   So, to remedy this, Haven will start the night off out of suit to make sure the important info is heard. 
  2. Equipment shenanigans:  We unfortunately didn’t get enough time to truly test integrating our equipment with theirs until the last minute.  We’re hoping that things like mic sound quality, dead air, etc will be negated in the future as we work with that equipment more.  It’s something we were painfully aware of and will work hard to remedy.
  3. Stage:  The stage wasn’t anchored and it caused some issues.  We’ll be moving this away from where it was at this event and any performances will be on the dance floor.
  4. Music:  We think the DJs did a great job that night even though they were hindered by the audio system.  One thing that was encountered was the normal patrons requesting songs.  As con DJs, this is not something they are accustomed to and really not something we gave forethought to.  We can’t really change that, but moving forward we want to make our guest DJs aware that this could happen.  We’re also going to change up the music formatting some to try and accommodate both our guests and the regular patrons.  To that end, Edgewise will be monitoring the crowd closely and fielding requests.  He will notify those requesting music of the status of the current set and inform them that he will do his best to perform the requested song.

These are the major issues in this area we wanted to address at this time.  Others are known and being worked on in various ways.

Now for…

The Ugly:

  1. Headless Lounge access:  Due to the missed announcement, it seems people who should not have been in the headless lounge, were.  It was also reported after the event that some crates may have been looked through.  We want everyone’s items to be safe.  In order to do this we need a few things to happen.
    1. Lock your crates when not in use and store it under a table/out of way area.  We are going to try and provide locks that can be rented/checked out for future events.  Until then, please attempt to acquire your own (they’re good to have anyway!).
    2. We’ll have someone watching the space as much as possible, though we do need to frequently put out fires, shift resources, etc for the time being, we will do our best to make sure someone is there.
    3. See something?  Say something: If you observe questionable behavior (someone where they should not be, equipment being tampered with, or personal or club property being disturbed or possibly vandalized) please bring it to FNATX or Club staff immediately.  We can only take actions on events in progress; we are unable to gather evidence or investigate an incident far after the incident has occurred.  If you advertise such incidents without notifying FNATX or Club staff we are put into a position of investigating the incident after the fact.  We ask that if you see something, say something.  Advertising via social media or other avenues without notifying us will not allow us to investigate or correct the behavior of individuals responsible.
  2. Furry Drama:  While there wasn’t much, there was some.  And there are certain people that just carry it with them that will attend.  So here is our official stance.  We cannot interject in drama unless there is a direct threat of harm or other potential for laws to be broken while at the event. We know someone may not like someone else, and perhaps for very good reasons.  But, we can’t act on that.  We want everyone to feel safe and welcome, and we will do our best to ensure this happens.  That said, we have begun a “watch list” of potential offenders, and we ask that anything excessive be reported to us.  I can’t list what these may entail as they are subject to each individuals comfort levels, but, like the point above, we have to look out for each other.  So, if you see anything, feel threatened or need to express a concern, please let us know immediately.  Again, our people and the bar staff will be working together closely to ensure the safety of everyone attending future FurNights.

I think that’s a great start to it all there.  We’re always here to field your questions or concerns, so don’t be afraid to come to us.  We’re generally pretty available in the Telegram chat and via email here on the site.

One final point.  As of this moment, Haven and Edgewise are the only individuals who fully represent FurNight.  Meaning, if you hear something from someone else, see random event invites that don’t come from the FurNight page or the website directly.  It was not authorized by us.  We appreciate the help in getting the word out for the event, but nobody speaks for FurNight but us two at this time.

We cannot thank you all enough for the amazing support you have shown so far.  We are confident that with a few tweeks and changes we’re going to become one of the best Furry Club nights around.  Stay tuned for more updates, we’re working on a lot of fun stuff for the next one!



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